Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Our records from previous years suggest that today Wednesday 26th May will be the day for the third chick to hatch. We are going to be watching very careffully for any signs at the nest.
As soon as we have news we will update this blog.

Monday, 24 May 2010

We had high hopes that the third egg would hatch today but as yet no sign of any hatching. The parents have been very busy feeding the two youngsters during the hot weather at the weekend and during these times the female has not been incubating.
Today she has resumed incubation duties, so there is still time and we will keep a close watch over the next few days and keep fingers crossed.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

A short film clip below to show the parent birds feeding the two chicks at the nest and another clip showing alarmed ospreys calling in distress as an intruder osprey flies overhead. The male bird tries to let go of his fish to deal with the intruder but the fish is firmly stuck to the spicules on his foot. He then flies off to chase the imposter taking the fish with him.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Second chick hatched!

Today the second chick hatched, much to the delight of the visitors at Glentress Osprey Watch. When the camera first came on at 10am, the female stood up and turned the two remaining eggs and then settled back down again with the hatched chick beneath her.
At 10.30am she stood up again and revealed a second chick which had just hatched!
Both chicks are fine and healthy and the parents seem very relaxed as family life seems to be playing out in idyllic fashion so far this season.
We could very well have a third chick tomorrow but if not it will be very soon after, hopefully.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Not just ospreys!

An exciting day in the Tweed Valley as not only did the first osprey chick hatch today but a phone call received about an owl in trouble led to a very surprising find. Three baby long eared owls were discovered and Conservation Manager Tony Lightley from Forestry Commission Scotland was able to ring the youngest of the chicks which was not yet flying.
This is great news as these are the first long eared owls to be discovered in this particular area of the Borders.

feeding first chick

The male brought in two fish to the nest today and the female took the fish and began tearing off small strips of raw fish to feed to the tiny chick. The parents peering into the nest looked like very proud parents admiring the latest family member.
Two more eggs left to incubate to complete the brood.

First chick hatched

The first of the osprey chicks has hatched this morning. A tiny little head has been spotted in the nest when the female bird stood up. We are delighted and believe the osprey chick is the first to hatch in the UK this season. The female continues to incubate the other two eggs and so over the next few days we should see the arrival of the siblings.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Nest Cams

A fidgety female osprey sat in the nest incubating her eggs yesterday, she will be aware that it is not long to go until the arrival of the little chicks. I wonder if she can hear them inside the eggs?
The other nests on camera at Kailzie Gardens are doing well, the blue tit has finally begun to incubate her eggs. The nest is a cosy, snug little cup, adorned with swan feathers under which she covers herself and the eggs. She regularly wriggles about and turns the eggs during which time we can view in stunning detail, this attractive little bird.
The heron camera is now back to full working order and the nest has three big, not so cute chicks! Watching herons on the nest is like watching a scene from Jurassic Park.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Nearly time to hatch.

We are all eagerly waiting for the first hatching this week. Any day now we should see the first of the chicks hatch out. The parent birds were very early arriving back from migration and settled down to mating, egg laying and incubating soon after their arrival. This has given them a head start on the season and they could possibly be the first osprey chicks to hatch in the UK this year.