Thursday, 15 September 2011

End of Season and release of LT

Most of the ospreys will have left for Africa by now and so 2011 osprey season has ended and it has been another successful one in the Tweed Valley. Our main nest birds on camera fledged 3 healthy chicks and we have had returning birds in to the area. The injured osprey 'LT' was successfully released to make his migration journey and that is a fine way to end this years season on such a happy note. I will attempt to upload the release film again as it didn't work last time! I hope that you enjoy seeing LT take off across the valley and he looks strong and healthy. Thank you to all the Tweed Valley Osprey Project supporters and the volunteers who staff the centres enthusing visitors and telling them all about the Tweed Valley Osprey Story. Thank you to all the project partners for another great season and to Tony Lightley and Ronnie Graham for ringing ospreys and Tricia Smith for rehabilitating the injured bird back to health. Glentress wildwatch room with cameras on wildlife will remain open and Kailzie Gardens Opsrey Watch will be open for themed events with the Friends of Kailzie Wildlife Project Officer during autumn and winter.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Film clip of releasing LT

Released today

The osprey has been recovering for nearly two weeks in South of Scotland Wildlife hospital under the specialist care of Tricia. Her dedication paid off today when on the advice of Conservation manager from the Forestry Commission, Tony Lightley, he was taken to the site where he was raised as a chick.
It was with baited breath that he was released and we stood and watched while he surveyed his surroundings and then took off with purpose and good strength. He looked fabulous as he flew across the valley and we were so pleased that he hopefully, is going to make his journey to migrate to Africa in good time.
Thank you so much to Tricia and all her hard work, to enable this osprey to safely recover and be returned to the wild where he belongs.