Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Excitement Grows with First Sightings

Excitement is growing here at the Tweed Valley Osprey Project with the first local sighting of an Osprey for the 2009 season reported. Thanks to a very keen eyed local volunteer,Mary, we know that at least one Osprey has been seen fishing on the River Tweed in the last few days.

We cannot yet say whether this is one of our local breeding birds, as we've not been able to see ring markings, but our usual breeding pair have not yet appeared on their nest with the camera. However, we are now watching the nest with baited breath waiting for the first arrival there.

It is quite likely that the Osprey seen on the Tweed was a bird from further north in Scotland making a 'rest stop' on route north - the Tweed seems to be a favorite food and rest way station, which is one of the reasons we chose this area to put artificial platforms to attract breeding pairs.

The last week of good high pressure weather over the migration route has probably meant many Ospreys have travelled fast and well, and we can only hope this weeks cooler north westerlies don't hamper their return too much.

Keep those fingers crossed for all our birds as they make their way home to us!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Welcome to the 2009 Osprey Season

Believe it or not, its time already to start looking forward to another Osprey Breeding season. Here at the Tweed Valley Osprey Project, we are busy preparing our cameras , centres, displays and volunteers for the busy time ahead, and the excitement is building.

We are all looking forward to the drama and satisfaction of another successful breeding season locally for these amazing rare birds.

As well as our star birds the Ospreys this year we are preparing to televise nest camera footage from 5 other species so its going to be a fascinating summer!

The twin visitor centres at Kailzie Gardens and Glentress Forest open on the 6th April and will be open seven days a week until the end of August.

Interested in volunteering?

Why not get involved this year with this fantastic local conservation project? We welcome new volunteers every year to help staff the centres, and we have other ways in which you can help-we run lots of nature watch and social events too. Full training and a warm welcome is guaranteed , so please get in touch - email the Osprey Centre Officer at tweedvalleyospreys@yahoo.co.uk or call 07530310376.

Waiting for Arrivals

As spring struggles through the winter cold, our thoughts are already turning to our intrepid Ospreys who will be leaving Africa around now on their hazardous migration to Scotland for the breeding season.
The first reports are already coming in of Ospreys on route over France and southern England so it will only be a matter of weeks before they arrive in Scotland.
The resident pair we have camera coverage of here in the Borders are very reliable, always arriving at their usual nest in the last few days of March or early April. We never take their arrival for granted though, as the hazards of the journey should never be underestimated!
We will be opening our twin public viewing centres on Monday the 6th April , and they will be profiling our birds seven days a week until the end of August. Let's hope its as successful a breeding season as last year!
So keep your eyes and ears open in the Borders for the distinctive Osprey , and please share any sightings with us via the blog or email.