Monday, 15 June 2009

Second Week for the Chicks

The second week of our chicks lives has been a happy and uneventful one. There have been plenty of fish delivered by our dedicated male, and mum has been working hard to keep the chicks warm and dry during the recent heavy showers of rain.

The chicks are 15, 14 and 12 days old today, and all are doing well- and even the smallest chick is managing to get his fair share of food- his size doesn't seem to an impediment. The squabbling is seemingly subsiding as the chicks sort out their 'pecking order' and things find a quieter equilibrium.

The change this week most of you will notice is that all three chicks have entered their very dark grey phase with distinctive white stripes on their backs. Some unkind folk would say this is an 'ugly' stage with the chicks looking decidedly reptilian! We'll let you decide!

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