Wednesday, 3 June 2009

And Now for the Bad News

Amongst all the happy news this week come two devastating bits of bad news for Ospreys in Scotland.

Firstly the confirmed police report of an Osprey egg theft in the highlands last month- egg thieves wiped out a breeding nest, in a illegal raid to supply the egg collecting trade. This kind of criminal behaviour threatens birds survival and is a timely reminder of the risks to our precious local birds.

If you are one of the lucky Borders locals who knows of a nest site location, PLEASE continue to be vigilant and keep the location to yourself! You never whose ears the information may end up in and the risks are very real. If you see any suspicious behaviour at any nest site, contact the Osprey officer or the police immediately.

Secondly, two reports this week of Scottish Ospreys seriously endangered and one dead through entanglement with fishing line. Whilst most fishermen are highly responsible and wildlife loving, a small minority continue to discard fishing line on river banks where it is a lethal hazard to all kinds of wildlife. Ospreys, swans, otters and other birds all regularly die or are injured by entanglement in discarded line. PLEASE CLEAN UP FISHING LINE! Walkers, if you see fishing line lying about, please pick it up to help protect wildlife- your actions could save lives.

Thank you.

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