Thursday, 15 May 2008

A Second Hatrick

Regular viewers of the Tweed Valley Ospreys will be delighted to know that our second camera monitored site ( affectionately know as the Back-up nest) has now had the presence of three eggs confirmed.

This nest has a camera that only records in 'real-time' so a special trip up the mountain is required to harvest footage, and hence the occasional delay in getting news to you. But to have both nests with three eggs is a very exciting prospect indeed, especially knowing hatching is not far off.

Watching the 7 or so hours of footage harvested from this nest this week, I've noticed the female Osprey incubating on this nest has two very much preferred positions- both facing down the valley from her high vantage point, giving her a clear view of everything and anything coming into her valley. She never turns her back on the scene below- her vigilance is amazing and perhaps a sign of just how wary and susceptible to disturbance these birds are.

Stay tuned as hatching nears!

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