Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Nervous Anticipation

Here in the Tweed valley we have reached the stage of the Osprey year when chewed fingernails and anxious pacing becomes the norm! With our main nest pair of birds expected to hatch their chicks anytime this week, the staff and volunteers become somewhat like nervous grandparents. The three eggs were laid over nearly a week back in April, and so should hatch in the same sequence over the next week or so here.

Of course we have learnt never to count your Osprey chicks before they hatch- it is quite common for some eggs not to make it, either because they were never fertilised, or because they were subject to too much cold during incubation. As the first egg in particular was laid when it was still snowing here we have our doubts, but have to trust in our very experienced and capable Osprey parents and their instincts and skills in egg protection.

Last year on this nest we also had three eggs and only two hatched, so we hope to at least equal that this year. We will keep you posted!

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