Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Prize winners visit osprey ringing event.

The Fernando family from Edinburgh won a prize trip to see the ospreys being ringed in Tweed Valley.

Gail,Naresh,Reine Fernando (age 12) and Lowry Fernando (Age 7)
At the weekend, the osprey chicks in the nest known as ‘The Back-Up Nest’ were ringed. The Fernando family from Edinburgh were invited along as special guests to see the chicks being ringed by Tony Lightley, (Conservation Manager from Forestry Commission Scotland and licensed ringer for raptors in the South of Scotland).
Phil Cosgrove , Chairman of Friends of Kailzie Wildlife
 and osprey project volunteer.
The special invitation was won as a raffle prize from the Kailzie Wildlife Festival Event on 9th and 10th June. Phil Cosgrove, chairman of the Friends of Kailzie Wildlife was delighted to inform the family of their special prize and attended the event also.

Tony Lightley rings the osprey chicks across the whole region as part of the Tweed Valley Osprey Project to monitor their progress and distribution throughout their lifetimes. The two healthy chicks were fitted with blue darvic leg rings CK5 and CK6.

As well as chairing the Friends of Kailzie Wildlife Group, Phil has been volunteering with the Tweed Valley Osprey Project for 6 years and this was the first time he had seen ospreys so close. He described it as a wonderful experience.

One of the chicks ringed.
The Fernando family had a lovely time and Gail said:

"We were very excited when we heard we had won the competition and the children were really looking forward to the ringing. The actual day far exceeded our expectations and it was a magical and very moving experience and was the highlight of our summer holidays.
"A big thank you to Tony at Forestry Commission Scotland and Friends of Kailzie Wildlife for organising this brilliant prize."

Reine (age 12) said; “It was an experience like no other. Getting to actually hold the osprey chick was really exciting, I can’t wait to tell all my school friends about it”

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