Friday, 12 August 2011

Rainy weather!

No ospreys at the nest today. It rained constantly and the sounds from the forest was of rain pouring and dripping from the trees and off the camera! The last time the family were all seen at the nest was on Wednesday, they are most likely sitting out and waiting for the weather to improve. Hunting fish in rain like this cannot be easy, so best to reserve energy and wait for a better day. Here are some clips of the chicks being ringed this year. The ringers are Tony Lightley Conservation Manager from Forestry Commission and Ronnie Graham.


  1. These rings have been put on the wrong legs - the Darvics should have gone on the left leg and the BTO on the right, you've used the English and Welsh way, Darvic right and BTO left.
    Also, you've put the rings the wrong way around - Darvics should always be read from the foot up, so the Z should have been near the talon with the other letter higher up the leg. Please ring me if you need any help, Emyr Evans

  2. "You put your left leg in, shake it all about ..."

    I saw an osprey catch a large fish in rain on a very wet day in Finland. Wind I think is the problem. Waves must make the chance of seeing a submerged fish difficult.


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