Thursday, 17 June 2010

The male(white SS), has taken to bringing a full fish back to the nest and to proceed to eat it in front of the hungry family. This is unusual as he would normally arrive and hand over the goods to the female who would feed the chicks. He has chosen a good perch on which to feed, just off to the left of the nest which was created during the nest renovation at the start of the season. He is bringing in some huge trout and so there is no chance that the family will go hungry as there is plenty to share all round.
The youngsters are practicing preening their new feathers and mastering the art of projectile excretion out of the nest!
An unwelcome presence at the nest today caused the male to lean protectively over the young who dutifully played their part by dropping flat into the nest, beautifully camouflaged and perfectly still until the perceived danger had past.
Most likely an intruder osprey surveying the nest site.

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  1. Your fans who can't get around or visit appreciate these updates and snippets. I know I do. Thanks.


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