Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Teenagers Doing Well

Our three Osprey chicks are all doing well, a week after their exciting ringing experience. They settled back into life on the nest very very quickly and have been happily showing off their blue leg rings on camera ever since!

They are spending a large amount of time preening themselves as the last of their down 'baby fluff' is shed and their adult feathers fully develop. When they shake themselves, little clouds of tiny down feathers often float away like thistle down!

They are also importantly spending a lot of time wing stretching now- which we have been jokingly calling 'Osprey aerobics'. This is crucial for their wing muscles to develop and strengthen prior to their first flight.

We've had lots of questions regarding when these chicks will fledge: the answer is soon! In 2007 when the chicks hatched at a similar time, they first fledged on the 24th July- so will this year be the same this year?

And don't worry , once they fledge they will keep coming back to the nest , like all teenagers, for food, rest and company, so you will still be seeing plenty of them!

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