Thursday, 7 August 2008

First Fish?

Yesterday we witnessed an interesting feeding time at the main Osprey nest. Dad arrived back with a fish which one of the chicks greedily began to devour as usual. Moments later another chick arrived with a half fish which it started to eat on the nest. Could it be that this was its own first catch? Has our youngster started fishing for himself , or could he have mugged mum somewhere off camera fro a share of her spoils?

Comedy then ensued as the chick with the fish provided by dad, had extreme trouble handling the very large trout! He insisted taking the fish to the perching post to the left of the nest, despite it being slick with rain, and struggled continuously to keep the fish on the post- several times we thought he would drop it altogether! If you think the post is at least a foot in diameter, that meant the fish had to be at least a foot and a half long- quite a catch for dad!

Lets hope the flooding in the Tweed Valley today doesn't leave our Ospreys too hungry- perhaps they'll be going further afield today to local lochs and reservoirs where the water is clearer? A good time perhaps to stake them out to watch for Ospreys in action!

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