Thursday, 31 July 2008

Hungry and Greedy.

Our three chicks are still very much dependant on mum and dad for food, despite their growing confidence in their flying skills. Dad, and less often mum, have continued to bring fish to the nest for the youngsters although they are not always all present when it arrives!

In contrast to their earlier good manners at feeding times ( when mum deliberately fed them each in turn to prevent squabbling) it now seems to be a bit of a free for all!

Dad delivered a fish today and the quickest chick got to it first, greedily feeding itself and steadfastly refused to share it with its younger brother. The poor hungry wee chap desperately circled and tried to scrounge some fish. He raised quite a hue and cry squawking and complaining , perhaps hoping a parent would hear him and take pity on him- but all to no avail.

It now seems to be more like every chicks for itself! hard days ahead for our youngsters as they learn the hard facts of survival.

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