Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Growing Independance

Our young Ospreys are progressing fast- they seem to grow before our very eyes. Despite knowing what to expect, every year it never ceases to amaze me. The oldest two chicks are now four weeks old and clearly almost half way through their amazing early growth spurt- by eight weeks they'll be adult size and flying!
What we've really noticed this week is how long their wings have grown- they are quite comical using them like props to waddle about the nest on. Their feathers are starting to come in too- and they have taken on a distinctly speckled and well camouflaged appearance that can make them hard to see on the nest if they are sill very still or sleeping.
The boldest of them has even been seen this week, cheekily trying to take fish from dad- picking at a newly arrived fish impatiently without waiting for it to be shredded.
Mum now seems happy to leave them for short periods too- she has taken a half hour or so break most days since we've had plenty of sunshine.
My they grow up fast- Don't I sound like a grandparent- whoops!

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