Monday, 14 April 2008

Eggs in Peril?

Our excitement today on discovering another egg on our 'main' nest has turned to concern as the weather here in the Tweed Valley continues to swing between lovely sunny spells and snow showers! The second Osprey egg was laid overnight, and joins an earlier one laid last Friday.

Our very experienced Osprey parents know the risk to the eggs from the elements, and they have been taking turns incubating, but both appear restless- changing places so frequently we sometimes loose track. Perhaps they're trying to keep warm! We can only hope that this late cold weather doesn't jeopardise the success of these eggs, and that our female osprey lays a couple more just in case.

On Sunday two ospreys were seen flying over the viewing centre at Kailzie Gardens, engaging at one stage, in an aerial 'dog-fight' with two local buzzards. This spectacular display was a delight to watch- flying techniques were use that would make the red baron balk! This shows how active the birds are in Tweed Valley at the moment, so keep your eyes open. Happy spotting, Emma

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  1. The birds seem to be incubating the eggs more conscientiously now. Apart from a very brief spell of around 3 minutes there was always a bird on the nest this afternoon. When he brought a fish in for her she flew off with it and he took over covering the eggs. Although it was very cold still at least it stayed dry!


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